Lovin' the Apple de Apps.

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things.”
- Think Different, an Apple/TBWA campaign

Have I ever told you what I do? I'm a Digital Marketing Analyst.

For someone who updates brand social networking accounts, writes for three websites {even more, on some days}, make browser choices a science, creates and reviews games, analyzes SEO reports for lunch and devises online marketing strategies amongst many others, I'm pretty surprised I got into the iPhone app bandwagon pretty late.

I remember being in a long conversation with my British boss about the ups and downs of owning an iPhone {he's got both the BB and the iPhone and he loves the latter more}. I cannot exactly remember what I said for a retort but I ended up getting one shortly after {more like, succumbed into the pressure}. And shame on me, I love it. NOTE: I have not updated to iOS4 though so I can't say anything about that. Oh, ask The Third World Nerd instead.

Whenever we used to smoke at the garden near my office, I used to just let peer pressure take over and huff and puff like there is no tomorrow. Ever since I've been trying hard to quit, I have turned into the iPhone for my much-needed distraction, especially since this garden comes with wifi. Here are some of the apps I've been loving so far {only because there isn't an abundance of apps written on blogs in the Philippine blogosphere}:

1. The Holy Bible. No, I am not trying to appear as a religious schoolgirl. I really do have the Holy Bible free app on my phone because as you know, I have goals set in stone for the next one and a half years. I have made a bit of progress {but still on the book of Genesis, ack!} by reading the Contemporary English Version. Rant: The app, as like it is with many others, doesn't work without wi-fi though.

2. Awesome Notes {LITE}. I take notes like mad. Unlike the classic way, though, I turn to thumbing and tapping on the phone when my Moleskine is not around. This app is fab for visual people like me, who are picky about fonts, inserting photos and separating notes in folders.

3. Angry Birds. Playing tirador with the birds and some chicks, too. It kinda sounds angsty but I like it anyway. It takes off my boredom and I release anger with it all at the same time! Mostly, I play this game during cab rides where it's easier to play than read.

4. Hipstamatic. I only found out about this ultra-cool app through my friend C in the Oz when she was posting photos from her trip in Melbourne. The app turns a photo instantly into a vintage-inspired photo, see below. Oh and you can change lenses, too!

5. Expense Tracker Spending Lite. Another step towards fulfilling my 26 before 26, Spending Lite helps me track my daily expenses {food, transportation, hairdressing, insurance etc.} and scare me off when I've spent way too much already with the reports and graphs, making extra money go into the emergency fund instead.

6. Skype and Yahoo! Messenger. How fun is it to go on YM or Skype whilst having a glass of cab sauv? I recently took advantage of Skype, in one of my conference calls for a freelance job I was doing. My client was in the US and I was in, well, Palawan but he needed to talk to me so we talked. On Skype. While I was having a glass of cab sauv. Super cool!

7. Facebook, Tweetdeck and Tumblr. Ahh, the beauty of social networking wherever there is wi-fi. Now this is something worthy for my job and my blogging needs! On the down side, people might be umay of my posts, like I am with some people on my feed so I put them on 'Ignore' {ssshhh, that's a secret!} but I always make sure my posts are relevant so... I have this rant about Tumblr, though. There doesn't seem to be a way to visit tumblr pages like you would a blog and the dashboard seems to be very limited. :|

8. Kobo. I never liked reading long-ass formats of text {in this case, books}, except when I started the habit with the Holy Bible app. Even for magazine-length articles {such as Newsweek articles, New York Times and Time}, I tend to skim over some paragraphs and just store it in the bookmarks for future reference. When my seatmate at work, Tiny, told me about a great app, Kobo, I took a look at the blue and hot pink interface and immediately fell in love with it. Oh! And the app come with free e-books: Alice in Wonderland, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Adventure's of Huckleberry Finn, Grimm's Fairytales and Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. And embarrassingly enough, I have not read these books in full. Ack :( But hey, this is my chance! I am actually loving reading electronically but reading actual paper will always be my first love.

I have Amazon's Kindle app, too but I've yet to try {and looks like I will remove this app} because it seems a bit too boring for me.

9. Pop Sugar. The Sugar community {Geek, Bella, Yum, etc} is a community where there a bunch of contributors write about celebrity gossip, fashion, geek news, home design, recipes and even pets! I love the app because it makes it so easy to browse new articles and put them on Facebook or Twitter because of its usability.

10. Wordpress and BlogWriter. As I've told you, I easily choose putting down my thoughts on phone or paper or keyboards more than I will like playing games and these apps give me that high. I do have a WP account, albeit reserved for private thoughts and personal musings, which I like populating with thoughts not worth sharing to the rest of the world, and this blog, albeit for rough drafts only as Blog Writer Lite only allows text publishing.

So those are my current favorite iPhone apps. I'm pretty sure I will have new ones in the next few days {as I am fickle with just about anything else} and for sure I will share them, too!

What's your favorite smartphone {iPhone, BB or Android} app?
Let me know!

Bear hugs and bunny kisses,

*Images from iTunes Store.