Heaven is a Place on Earth

... and in my version of heaven, it's raining ice cream and really, really gorgeous men. Oopsie.

I know this is kinda super late and you've all probably read about this newest offering from Nestle, Heaven. Truth be told, I have not eaten much local ice cream in the last couple of years, ano ba yun {save for dirty ice cream I had to have along Makati Ave. whilst being with tourist friends}, always having Haagen Dazs and Ben and Jerry's {blame it on the brother} that I have not appreciated how good they are. And boy, was I in for a surprise.

I don't understand though, why some people do not eat food that are supposed to make you feel happier {sugar rush and all that}. I have met people before, who've had the unfortunate experience of being told they aren't happy people just because they don't eat ice cream, cakes and anything dessert. I mean, it's ice cream. Who doesn't eat ice cream? I mean, I could list about a hundred reasons why one needs ice cream on a daily basis {eg. breakups, a bad day at the office, a bad haircut, a boring day etc.} but that deserves a post of its own.

But anyway.

Two weeks ago, I had the fortunate chance to attend the launch of Nestle's Heaven ice cream. The Nestle folks, together with Team Yehey! {hello, Kankan and Ramby!} made a great job in making the A. Venue Hall just like heaven. Complete with aerial silk dancers, human statues, super gorgeous angels, feathers, wings and a whole lotta smoke, it was indeed a heavenly affair!


Must've been so hard to stay still.

Table center pieces. They look like they belong in the Blatch-Marantino
white wedding in Sex and the City 2. Fab!

Heaven's male model. Hola, guapo!

Vanilla Almond Secret. One of the four stars of the night. YUM!

And as always, seeing blogger girl friends are always a delight.
L-R: Me, Hannah, Nikki, Dang and Shen

Heaven Ice Cream is available in four variants:

Belgian Chocolate Bliss
So tempting and sinful, it’s utter decadence. Transcend all earthly pleasure and give in to the riches, most sublime chocolate ice cream smothered with the finest Belgian chocolate bits.
Size: 800mL – Php 175
450mL – Php 115

Vanilla Almond Secret

We reveal an absolutely pure, delicate and intensely flavorful experience. Get caught in the rapture of creamy vanilla ice cream softly-kissed with chopped almonds, all draped in flowing caramel ripples.
Strawberry Dream

Fulfill every creamy and delectable desire when you lose yourself in luscious strawberry and cream ice cream, affectionately adorned with only the freshest, most succulent strawberry pieces.
Butter Pecan Obsession {my personal favorite}

Prepare for complete obsession as you satisfy your deepest, most indulgent cravings. Witness a mouth-watering explosion of irresistibly soft buttery ice cream alluringly strewn with the finest roasted pecans.

Words make my mouth water, so I'm heading out in a few minutes to get myself a tub of Butter Pecan Obsession. What about you, what's your favorite ice cream? {Please don't tell me you don't eat ice cream =P}

Bear hugs and bunny kisses,

Heaven Ice Cream is available in groceries and stores nationwide.
*Product info courtesy of Nestle and Team Yehey.