I Wished. I Received. Part 2

The universe has been kind to me lately. After finally being able to buy my own domain, my wish to win Beauty for a Living's {thank you, Frances!} giveaway came true! Just before I left, I saw this package on my desk at the office and my heart skipped a beat! It's the bottle of Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate!

I was so excited to use this miracle in a bottle that I just had to toss it into my overnight bag. Fortunately for me, my day's instances cooperated with Kiehl's challenges {eg. I slept early at 11 PM!} and I did not drink any of the drinks mentioned before sleeping, in fact I don't think I've had as much caffeine and alcohol those days. I did not do any running, too and I turned off the TV but left the bathroom lights on ha ha. I followed Frances' advice too, to only use two drops and follow with moisturizer or mix them together. In short, as I was not staying in my house, and was checked in at a hotel, my normal life was put to hold but for the betterment of my skin!

It's been two nights since I started using the product, the third being Friday night in which I am back to my natural habitat and to my natural ways {tsk}. Hopefully, the recovery is still well on its way because frankly, I need soft and smooth skin ASAP.

And onto other equally important matters, here's a simple OOTD from last Thursday, a quickie snap before I headed to a press con and met fabulous bloggers from Davao!

Sweater and tank top: Mango
Pink leggings with lace trimmings: SM Department Store
Flats: Charles and Keith
Bag: Bijoux Terner
Necklace: Promod

What about you? Have you used/been using serums or concentrates or Kiehl's products? What can you say? Let me know!