Have You Ever Read the Bible Cover to Cover?

Because I haven't.

And reading through books {Genesis and Exodus} scares the shit out of me. I spent about a dozen nights carefully digesting the words of the Holy Bible and so far, these are my learnings, stuff I've taken note of because prior to this reading of the Bible, all I know of the Biblical characters were how they were portrayed in stories through Religion books in Religion classes. Forgive my shock and/or if I have some misinterpretations. I am reading the Contemporary English Version of the Holy Bible, if that helps.

What brought this on, you ask. When I wrote my 26 before 26 list, one of the things I remember wanting to do for the longest time was to read the Bible. Partly, it was because of faith --- for when I believe in something, I want to do research and know what I can. It's ridiculous how I never read it, in its entirety, then calling myself a believer of God. So I jumped into my Bible Habit and soon I found myself staying late reading through the greatest piece of literature ever.

*Please take note that this is only to share with you my progress and opinions and not to spark up any weird or antagonistic discussion. I do realize that religion and things to do with it are usually not the best topics to discuss, as people always, always tend to have different sides so ... Thank you :)


I've learned so far that:
  • The Bible is indeed the best piece of literature. Except for the descendant notes {who's the son of who}, the stories are engaging, it feels like you're watching reading a telenovela {I mean that in a good way and I sincerely hope that is not blasphemous.}
  • Rainbows are God's reminders that He will never destroy the world again the way He did with the world during Noah's time {the great flood that lasted for a year!}
  • Abraham's first son was not Isaac, it was Ishmael, his son with Sarai's handmaiden, Hagar, because Sarah, as you know, have been barren for the longest time.
  • When Lot was telling the people of Sodom to change their ways, he offered his two daughters for the townsfolk to have instead of the two foreign males he had for visitors. I've always known Sodom was the origin of the sin sodomy but WTF? The Sodom people's sin was crazier than I have ever imagined.
  • These daughters, after their escape from Sodom got their father drunk to have sexual relations with him because there weren't any more men to continue their familial lines. I do know they did that in order to reproduce but it bothers me so much.
  • There is more to the Ten Commandments and yes, we really shouldn't work during the Sabbath.
  • Jacob married sisters Rachel and Leah. Leah, because their father Laban, tricked Jacob into marrying Leah as it was not customary to give away the younger daughter if the eldest is still single, after serving Laban for seven years in exchange for the younger woman's hand. When Jacob realized the treachery, he asked Laban for Rachel and Laban demanded he work again for seven years. And he did. Ah, true love.
  • Of course, I just found out about Jacob's deception of Isaac, his father, where he deceived his twin brother, Esau, too.
  • That God will fight for you and you can be still.
  • And that the world needed God and needed all those commandments because the world and the people were doing weird stuff and that it is a thrilling and exhilarating experience getting to know God even more through reading the Bible. I am not the most religious person in the world but my faith seems to grow stronger and stronger.
  • But of course it's still fun to read other books once in a while in between reading the Bible.

Those are some of my learnings from reading the Bible. I know there will be lots more in the next few days, months even. It feels rewarding knowing our God, I get so much peace of mind and calm, and the people during the Biblical times but I gotta admit some stuff are really shocking {or maybe I'm just naive?}. To quote Tisha, "There are some really wicked people in there." She's right {though I'm not sure if these were what she meant when she said that comment.}

Still shocked and intrigued,