Pray. all I can do.

Well, I admit that before I thought of praying, I cussed and let profanity get the best of me. After all, it was not easy reading about HK/Chinese citizens being held hostage in your own country today.

I am relieved it is all over {still sad and grieving}, that the hostage taker is now killed {I never wish for death on anyone but it simply was the right thing to do at that moment.} I do pray for the safety and peace of mind of the survivors and for the souls of those who passed away.

I pray for the Philippines, that we may redeem ourselves from being a scary, killing nation. I pray that our tourism stays alive. I pray that there will be no more instances such as this in the future because lives were taken. HK or Filipino, those were lives.


This is so saddening, Lord. Help us get through it.
Tara Cabullo1 Comment