Things I Love Sundays

Finally, after much too much laidback weekends, my Sundays have turned into a mish mash of activities, attempts at being culture-culturan and hours and hours with friends whom you know from different parts of your life and yet, you introduce them to each other and before you know it, one knows another from so and so. I tell ya, it's SO COOL.

Here are some snaps from my weekend, which leaves me smiling, despite aching feet, eyebags, scratchy throat {from all the drinks and the smoke and laughing} and a thinner wallet but at least it's NEW. Yay!

Friends who shake you and let you know what's up.
Friends who tell you, "Dude, he's an asshole to you. And he's fugly."

Random weekday surprises {not because of the surprise itself but knowing I'm mature enough
to know what to do in cases when life tests your morality levels.}

Berocca. If only to cure that bad, bad hangover.

Finally watching Xanadu, and realizing that kindness and love trumps over everything.

Having an epiphany that I actually, really do love my job, that
when I'm asked how my work day was, all I could do was smile.

Screencapped from a quiz I took at

Friends who know each other. Being nice, freaking nice. Realizing you are exactly where
you have imagined yourself to be when you were seven.

Colorful desktop wallpapers <3

Being vindicated without doing anything.

Wine. White wine. Lots of it. Shoe shopping. Bag shopping. Retail Therapy, in general.
Watching a friend's ninja coverage of the U2 concert in Zurich.

Err, finally? I made my way to the much-hyped Payless Shoe Source
and hmm, I did get a few pairs but my take on it is that it's kinda overrated.
Not bad, but overrated.

Oh and this:

Source Unknown.

Here's another one.
Source Unknown.

I saw Despicable Me only last Monday and I died of cuteness {pretty sure you did, too!}
And no, I cannot get over Gru's song, Despicable Me, by Pharell Williams.

Sending love for a fabulous week ahead,