Review: The New L'oreal White Perfect Fairness Control Day Cream

If L'oreal White Perfect Day Cream and L'oreal White Perfect Radiance Boosting Double Essence, this would be it.

L'oreal's newest offering says:

Double Action:
1. Helps neutralize the program of melanin production at the source
It helps neutralize the enzyme that contributes to the melanin synthesis program.
2. Helps unload existing melanin in skin layers
It works to help remove the cells loaded with melanin to brighten up skin complexion.
Further, this product aims for the user to achieve:
  1. More Transparent Skin:
    Enriched with Melanin-Vanish™, this cream helps reduce spots and visibly brighten skin tone for a more transparent skin.
  2. More healthy glow:
    With Tourmaline gemstone, known to help stimulate skin microcirculation, this cream helps bring your skin a more rosy glow.
  3. Protection against UV induced skin darkening:
    Exposure to UV rays, especially to UVA, accelerates and intensifies the melanin production, leading to skin darkening. Enriched with powerful UV filters system, WHITE PERFECT Day Cream SPF17/PA++ provides protection against UV induced darkening and the appearance of brown spots.
I've been fortunate enough to have been invited at the launch of this newest addition to L'oreal's skincare line. As evidenced by multiple reviews, I'm an avid L'oreal user, since I've been in high school so I could be pretty biased when I say these things work for me. For sure, whatever ingredients L'oreal put on their products can also be found on other brands but somehow, most if not all of their products work for me.

Can you tell I've been munching on something?

It took me a while to start using this product, as I have been finishing off a jar of it's predecessor. I was satisfied with it for a host of reasons but now that the company launched a supposedly better version, I am all for trying it out {despite the occupational hazard of getting breakouts, darn!}. After all, even if I do not wish for a fairer complexion, I'd like to achieve the same brightness that I've been getting from its old version.

Finally, after two weeks of uninterrupted use, I am now able to provide my notes:

The Good:
  • The formulation seems to be exactly the same as the original one, except that this newer one seems thicker in texture.
  • Higher SPF, from 15 to 17. But Lola Tara would still recommend applying a separate SPF, okidoks?
  • Better scent. The original one smells clean but sometimes it strikes me as too medicine-ish. This one smells like a moisturizer.
  • Easy to spread, seems easily absorbed.
  • Same brightening effect, if not more. I don't know if I want to be 50x fairer because then I'd be white as a sheet. But the levels of brightness are fine by me.
  • The glass jar makes it absolutely classy, however it's such a pain to scoop product out every morning with a spatula but I love you {L'oreal} anyway.
  • Sealed box, jar lid, manufacture date and expiry date. These are small things but  beauty enthusiasts appreciate all these and that's value for money for ya.
  • Price is not bad at Php 595, available at Watson's, Beauty by SM and other drugstores.
  • No additional breakouts. As I've mentioned, my right cheek is peppered with the unnecessary pimples that it's driving me crazy {bad move revisiting an old product}. Thankfully, there were no additional rashes / pimples / breakouts from this product.

The Bad:
  • The jar. Then again, this might be hard to pump out so till then I'm stuck with a spatula.
  • None, really.

What's your day cream and what do you like about it?

*Product provided for review, but this post is in no way sponsored.