On Bestfriendship and Mixtapes

I have a habit of forming a playlist in my head on random situations, milestones in my life. This is precisely the reason why it's so hard for me to trim the songs in my cache for one soundtrack to encapsulate my life but for the everyday instances: trust me to have a song (or a ton) to say what I want to say. I had Lady Gaga's Alejandro for my Mexico trip, Jay Z, Drake, David Guetta rule my dance playlist, I cramp a weekend into a playlist, and I am forever smitten of movies with the best sound tracks and scoring {top of mind: 500 Days of Summer and Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist}. And I know I shall love with all my heart that ever elusive book by Rob Sheffield, Love is a Mixtape.

I used to create random mixtapes for people, too. I'd create one for a friend I just met because we clicked so much with our music tastes, I have created lots for an ex boyfriend, for a frienemy, for random people, really. It doesn't take much surprise when I realized: I should have one for my bestfriend.

It was actually her idea. When we were invited by Clean and Clear Philippines for their Facebook app launch where one can create a digital scrapbook of bestfriend photos, things we do in 8 hours, things we enjoy. When Dang and I sat at Red Mango to read up on the tasks and to devise a theme around it, she thought that we needed 8 songs for the 8 tasks. After all, we are both music lovers, having diverse music choices each. It was perfect.

And what would be life without bestfriends and music?

I originally chose the music myself {she had to leave early}, plus those were the music I could only think of to fit the photos, so I decided to compile a complete list of playlist. But before that:

This is us, circa 2005:

This was during our PR class and obviously we were not listening and just camwhoring {Hello, Sir Roel!}

And now, the 2010 version:

Obviously, I went crazy with the brushes


There are many things why Dang is my bestfriend. We have been friends we were high school, through out college {we were surprised to see each other in the same class room} and even now that we are both working in different cities. It's funny remembering how much togetherness we've had before {everyday classes, shopping trips and we hang out at each other's house}. We even used to dress alike {she's the black version and I take whatever's daintier}, we have the same earrings and we buy identical make up. For most aspects of life, familiarity breeds contempt but such was not the case with us. When I look back at my life, my experiences were more colorful, lovelier, funnier and richer because of my best friend. I wouldn't have it any other way. {Plus I listed more reasons here.}

As we went through our Clean and Clear BFF 8 Date challenges, I was reminded {despite not needing any} of why Dang is my bestfriend. Some of the reasons are:

More than being bookworms, there is only a handful of people I can talk to about books, Dang is certainly one of them. I don't know anyone else, aside from this very super few, whom I can talk to from Holocaust to Kinsella.

My favorite photo of us because it reminds me of our trips to Enchanted Kingdom {high school, college and lots more after that!}

Sketche and crayons are our mutual loves <3

IDK why I was doing that, really, but I just had to post it cos it's cute!

For everything, here's my complete Sunshine Rhythm track list:

  • Sugar Sugar - The Archies

  • Built this Way - Samantha Ronson

  • Sunshine - Gabrielle

  • Music is My Hot Hot Sex - Canser de Sei Sexy

  • This Side - Nickelcreek

  • Keep it There - The Weepies

  • Independent Women - Destiny's Child

  • All This Beauty - The Weepies

More than anything, I treasure the friendship because even though I love it that we have so many similarities, our differences shine and we agree to disagree. That, to me, is a very important aspect in a friendship. Or any relationship for that matter.

That's the story in music and in photos of me and my best friend What's yours?

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Or can you share with me why you're bestfriends with your BFF?