FOTD: Something Apt for Corporate Slaves

aka Putting a Little Spice where Nice used to Be

I raved so much about the Body Shop's Winter Trend here that just a few days after, I just had to use the Midnight Palette on myself even if I had a bit of doubt if I could make the sparkles work despite my conservative working environment. And since no one called me on it, I deem it safe enough for daylight, too!

Just like your normal corporate slave {as I and my friends call it}, I am very careful with my makeup so as not to scare any of my colleagues at work. In the Philippines, moreso, people are used to only seeing fully made up people in weddings, parties or events, and never the workplace. When I caught a blip of Olen Lim's speech last time she was at our office, working women should have the decency to apply makeup before going to work. Especially for those who face clients, it's imperative that there's a fair amount of foundation or powder, a hint of blush and lipstick --- at the least.

There used to be a time when people I work with would tell me {after seeing my make up} things like:

Officemate 1: May date ka?
Officemate 2: San ang party?

and just recently:

Officemate 3: Akala ko ba busy ka, bakit ang ganda ng makeup mo?

I chalked this up to being a joke, or a crudely-put compliment even, because I had no time and patience to defend why I had about four colors on my lids and why my cheeks shimmer when I smile. I had not one iota of generosity for someone who did not have the time to look decent for the people she works with everyday and I don't want to explain why different shades of blue make me work better.

So anyway, The Body Shop's Winter Trend Midnight palette is perfect for work. The colors are subtle enough but not bordering on boring, if you decide to use the darkest shade only as a deepening tool. And just because they're not matte, doesn't mean they can't be worn during daytime.

L-R: Silver Moon, Pink Light, Starry Night and Bronze Blaze
Highlighter: Lunar

Concealer: L'oreal True Match Liquid Concealer in Nude
Foundation: Purederm BB Cream
Powder: L'oreal True Match pressed powder in Nude

Yikes, I have a bit of smudge!

I mixed Pink Light and Silver Moon on the crease and used Bronze Blaze
as my base.

Eyeliner: Revlon Liquid Eye Pen
Mascara: Maybelline Volum Express Cat Eyes

Eyebrows: Revlon Brow Fantasy in Brunette

Blush: Revlon Matte Blush in Blushing Berry
Lips: L'oreal Lipstick in Pink Nude

What's your 'corporate' look? Can you share with me?