Things I Love: The Christmas Edition

Ah, Christmas.

I can't believe that most of my Christmas season was spent napping and being a grinch. Well, not really because I still did my usual gift-giving and I still have a bunch of people whose gifts are still to arrive from me so I'm not completely mean. I did spend a good, few hours being a good girl in the kitchen, then got sleepy, so went to nap and when I woke up it was already 9 PM, thus it was dinner time and my cousins and nieces were doing jumping jacks on my bed me.

The thing is, after my birthday, I kind of sunk into this fit of quietness and always craving for solitude. No, scratch that. I have sunk into a fit of catatonia ---- caught in a mental stupor that allowed me to carry on with my usual tasks, interaction responsibilities in an almost robotic manner, I seem to have fooled even myself.

The truth is, the truth that I have been running away from the past almost 10 years has decided to catch on, bringing me to a fitful of 'hormones,' making me cry at the slightest bit of provocation. I cried when someone forwarded the lyrics of our "team" song, I cried when my mother sent me photos of her Christmas tree at her home in NH, I cried when she refused my gift, cried to all the holiday movies I have a tradition of watching every Christmas Day and many other times. What a sap, this girl. And as my boss said, this is me being homesick and family-sick. I guess, not having your immediate family for Christmas for nearly 10 years can drain your strength.

But despite all these, here I am, fending away sadness with the things that actually made me happy. Whenever a friend is sad over love, over another friend or over irrelevant things, I always tell them that being sad is a disservice to the people who make you happy. So dear me, get that.

The Team Song.  Super cheesy but when you belong to a team of people whose thoughts are as diverse as the members of the flora and fauna and manage to agree at the end of the day, Joey Albert and Pops Fernandez make all kinds of sense.


I'm pretty sure everyone got perfect gifts this year and thank God, I am not an exception. When friends would ask me what I want for Christmas, I couldn't say anything, though. There is not a material thing I'd like anymore, I believe I have everything I could want and need {except maybe new boots and a whole day of shopping spree at Forever 21 but well, whatever.} Immaterial things? Let us not get started.

And surely, every gift sent my way are things I'm eternally grateful for. It's just that, well, books are always, always first in my book. Here are some of the best, so far:

Stieg Larsson's 'The Girl' series. This was a gift from my constant date
and partner in crime (literally), Y. Love youuuuuuu and thank you
for giving me what I want.

Gregory Maguire's Mirror, Mirror, cos this girl needs to
brush up on the classics.

Because this girl has gotta stop being exclusive to prose and channel my inner poetess.
And my favorite line so far, one that did not fail to throw me out of my chair when I read it:

I want to do to to you what spring does to cherry trees.

This is the perfect way to learn Spanish.

Gift giving. Nothing like the look on your inaanak's face when he/she opens a gift from you. Priceless. But since I wasn't able to snap that, here are some snaps from the girls' party about two weeks ago:

Parties. Aside from the blast that was our company Christmas party, there were several parties I went to, too and they were superrrrrr fun, it makes me wonder why I am such a kill joy not wanting to go at first. Then I always end up being the one jumping, dancing, screaming my lungs singing and always the one who stuffed herself the most.

All in a matter of five seconds.

Winning. Because when you have fun and when you put your heart into it, you win. {GM, December 2009}After a year, that very line still sticks to my head like a bad stickum but with a different effect. So it happened. Again. For that, I am grateful to God and to you GM {regardless of the fact that there's no way you'll be reading this rubbish blog of mine.}

Just the performers alone, we already resemble a baranggay. 
Congrats, Team Sales and Marketing et. al!

With Mel Feliciano, Giselle Sanchez and Joee Guillas, aka the judges,
accepting award for Best Female Performer, and just so I can explain
why I'm so career haha.

The food. The wine. And more food. Due to my catatonic state, I forgot to whip out my camera during the family festivities and wasn't able to take photos of the fiesta that are now responsible for the additional pounds I've packed in the last two days. But let me tell you this: they. are. so. good. I bet you can totally understand what I'm talking about.

Wine, toasts and a cheers to my greatest year, so far. Two other friends and I were *surprise* doing our usual conversations and we asked each other: What are you thankful for this year? As for me, I am thankful for being able to see my parents again, for the wonderful friends {that's you Team E! and more, you know who you are} I've made this year, for the enormous opportunities that came my way {most I've blown off anyway, some I've grabbed}, for the love I have felt, given and received, for the feeling of gratitude every day and for two-way forgiveness. Life and God are really, really good.

The first of many toasts to come. Cheers to you, 2010.
You were so incredibly awesome.

Greetings. Especially those that come at the most opportune time of 12:00 AM of Christmas eve. How can I not love that fact that I am that person in that person's life? Priceless.

My mother and her weird quips. I've blown off blogging this month, not because I was too busy and tired but because I did not feel like it. For that, I'm truly sorry. And when your number 1 sends you something like this, all you can do is just get on your feet and write.

Mama: Mag blog ka naman.
Me: Bakit? Natatamad ako eh.
Mama: Wala na akong mabasa eh. Ang baba ng output mo this month ha.

The new Philippine Peso bills. Because, quite frankly, who wouldn't be happy with them? Everyone on the bills are smiling, President Cory Aquino joins Ninoy on the 500 bill and oh, the perks of having a bestfriend who works at the BSP {hehe, love you Y!}

Us and the new twenty peso bill.

Korean Ice Cream. Because this is an addition to my growing love for all things Korean. With the exception of kimchi and bibimbop, too. And because you saved me from a night of misery and crankiness. I love you forever, Korean ice cream.

Holiday movies that make you laugh, then cry. Every year, I sit in front of the TV, plug a couple of DVDs and clutch my heart because it makes me happy, then sad yet I still do it every time.

 All I Want For Christmas is You | Love Actually
The "Because to me, you are perfect" is my most favorite scene of all but I think
this encompasses why I (and probably you, too) love this movie.

I Will | The Beatles, as sung on Love Affair
This gives me the chills everytime.

Notting Hill. Ain't a holiday movie but watching this feels like the holidays all over again.

What are you loving this Christmas season?