Son of a Gun: Janet Jackson Live in Manila

This, my friends, is my favorite half of a Janet Jackson song:

Son of a Gun | Janet Jackson and Missy Elliott

And despite the sinking truth there was no way Miss Jackson was going to sing this last night at PICC, I went ahead and saw it. I only had three reasons why I was springing for a concert {cheapest tickets were at Php 3,100.08} that I did not feel strongly {at first} about:

  1. She's the closest thing to Michael Jackson that I will ever see
  2. My two friends {T and C} are die hard fans of Janet {pronounced as Jeh-net, not Jah-net, as the crowd last night chanted}and I would do the same for them since they saw Gin Blossoms for me on my birthday.
  3. I was crossing my fingers she'd sing Every time, which she didn't. Oh well.

 Concert started at roughly 9 PM. In this photo with J and wife R.

And yet, I managed to have been the one who lost her voice from screaming and even the one who fell on her butt after screaming and jumping up and down in four inch heels. And at a slow song at that.

This is Escapade, I think. The night is a total blur.

Let's Wait A While | Again | Come Back to Me

Miss You Much | Rhythm Nation | If 

Some thoughts from last night:

  1. It's okay to lip sync, especially if the moves you're about to perform are neck breaking like Ms. Janet's.
  2. Janet Jackson's moves are WOW even after all these years.
  3. I never thought Together Again can be that tear-inducing. Oo na, fan girl much na.
  4. After all that dancing, I didn't realize I'd think the concert was bitin. Nevertheless, I still think it was so fun.
  5. You rarely see artists coming from weird corners of a concert hall {especially not in Manila}. Janet did that. Bongga!
  6. Watching concerts at PICC is such a fun thing. The chairs are so comfy. And the floor, too.
  7. I love 80s/90s artists' concerts. No pesky and OA high schoolers watching on their parents' dime {most of them anyway}. 
  8. I have never loved peer pressure as much as I do now.
  9. Chocolate marshmallows are heaven.

To quote my friend C, Janet Jackson Fans Club VP, "I Love Youuuuuuu, Janet!"

*PS: I've gotten my order of songs wrong, thanks to Team JJ President. :P I forget though, the proper sequence.