If The World Ended Then

I wouldn't change a thing.

Having been not at home or my home country for that matter when news of the rapture and the supposed End of The World on May 21st, I was away from TVs, not paying that much attention to Twitter and having the time of my life shopping and laughing with friends.

My friend C's boyfriend has been whining over Skype that if the world ended then, C was at least lucky {if lucky was even a word to be used at a time when an imminent rapture was to happen} to have been at a first world country while he remained to be in Manila {as if that changes anything, the time zone maybe?}. I laughed and said that we are all at least thinking of him by spending time in Chinatown and that if the world did come to an end, he could key in a few warning texts via BBM so we'll be prepared 12 hours prior.

I was kidding.

We all have these preconceived ideas of how we are to spend our last days on earth: I with the thought that I'd fly to US to be with my parents and do goodness knows what. I never really thought of it --- I never really think that too far ahead. But that day, even if I knew it deep in my heart, with all my humble knowledge of the Bible, that the world was not coming to an end when everyone is freaking out over it --- I thought, what if it was my last day to live?

 I was in the North. And there was light.

And you know what, I wasn't going to change a thing. I would still spend it waking up at 4:00 AM, see the magnificent North American sun rise in its larger-than-I've-ever-seen glory, board a train going to a city I've always wanted to see, hear kids speak in adorable French baby talk, adore pink blossoms at the center of the streets, thank the heavens for another week of being with my parents, for having been communicated to by the people who matters the most, have a nice Italian dinner in the middle of a city whose energy inspired me in more ways than one, laugh and toast {I don't even know if this was appropriate} to red wine as we recall our lives, who we have become in the past years and how things have been falling into place for all of us, call it a day and sleep the tightest I have in days.

Lux - Northern Lights | Cafe del Mar Volume 7
I can't think of any other song that would underscore May 21/22 for me.

There is not a thing I'd change. Because to me, if the world does come to an end, there is nothing left to do but live the day as it ought to be: how a NOW should be.