Starring: Tara

I have always thought I was meant to star at something. After all, my mother did name me after one: Tara.
In Hindu, Tara means ‘star.’ If I have then led a painfully dull life, it would have been a tragedy and a shame to the Hindu lexicon. Yes, I wouldn’t dare be humble about it. Too, Tara comes from an Irish Hill name {yes, indeed the origin of my Foursquare handle for my house: Tara Hills}, also known as, surprise, Hill of Tara {which means Hill of the Kings}.

Lately, I have been dwelling on the things I wasn’t good at: sports. I am a huge klutz and last time I had been in the presence of a ball and a net, I had cowered down and chalked it all up to nonchalance and refusal to be competitive.

It’s all a show.

For some reason, I have a natural genetic indisposition towards anything of physical activity, things that require agility and focus {I believe I am afflicted with ADD} and anything that results to sweating.

It pains me, really. I have never admitted it out loud, for I believe in not verbalizing things you don’t want to stick around or carry on. So I didn’t.

And better than that, I have come to take a look at the things that I CAN actually do great at. For a moment, I realized that while I probably will never be a Michael Phelps or a Maria Sharapova {though I used to have a mean backhand}, I am great at arts {again, not even going to be humble about it.} Throw me into a stage and I can act, I can do a mean dance number, I can carry a tune take over the mic and belt out ala Dolores O’Riordan. Best of all, I write pretty well, make a living and a life out of it and get paid for it, too.

Oh and I star at making myself seem right even if I am wrong {that my professor back in college told me he would've been convinced for a minute every single time I raised my hand.}

I didn’t say no to dancing and got an award for it.

So do I still feel bad about being bad at sports? Sometimes. But I think of the things I star at and I feel much, much better. And it makes me think that if I can be great in the arts, then I could be great with sports, too!

What about you? What things do you star at?
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