Boot Shoppin' Part 2

I never blogged about my first search for boots because I figured because a) I'd never find any here, in this country, where no one seems to need it, also everyone who wears a pair gets stared at and b) because I was bound for a place that had more choices anyway. There was no point getting it to me. As it turns out, I was right.

Now, the unforgiving rains have been coming in albeit more frequently these days {hello, Falcon?!} and the worst thing someone maarte like me would encounter is the case of the ruined shoe due to moisture and/or injuries or accidents due to slipping in the rain.

The afternoon that came before the night I wasn't able to come home, I had been at Greenbelt on a mad hunt for some nice rain boots. After all, I was scheduled to watch Varekai the next day, which, if the rain doesn't stop, was going to be a sure location of muddy puddles and there's no pair in my shoe closet that would forgive me after I've traipsed them in rainwater.

Incidentally, I was not able to get any, though I was able to score a nice red raincoat from Topshop. I am thankful now that I didn't see any because of two reasons: a) It didn't rain the night I was at the Grand Chapiteau and b) I totally forgot to troll the internet for some nice pairs and so with the help of my friend T, and inspired by Frances' boot post, who are both on the lookout for some Wellies, I am now contemplating over really nice pairs that they are keeping me up! After all, despite today's sunny weather, no one knows when it's going pour like crazy again.

I initially had about 10 {yes, ten!} choices but I looked at all of them for about  five minutes each and finally boiled down to these two:

Coach Pixy Dream Tall Signature Designer Rain Boots

DKNY Niagara Rain Boot in Gray

They are both in the same price range and both have amazing reviews so it all boils down to aesthetics and that's where the confusion begins.