I Love Mondays

Every single Monday, I struggle to skip through tweets and FB statuses saying how my online contacts would say they hate Mondays, or how they wished the weekend was longer. One friend {in real life} once said every Monday should be a holiday because she felt good that work started on a Tuesday and must've contributed to her general well-being.

This ain't a claim on superiority, nor am I struggling because I have condescension over Monday-haters but rather I find it odd that I am the only one {whom I know} who actually loves Mondays. And I feel that if I admit that out loud, I am going to be burned down or be gunned down by a firing squad.

But the truth is:

I Love Mondays. I really do. So sue me.

Mondays are my fresh starts. Every Monday, I am at work at a very decent time, sometimes even earlier than asked, sometimes as early as 7 AM. Every Sunday night, I take time to write down every single thing I can do on the Monday of that week. Every Monday, I never fail at running before taking my shower, and recently, after work, too. Every Monday, I am awash with unbelievable excitement like I am every Christmas morning in the hopes that what I produce, feel, give and receive on this day will be replicated throughout the week. Every Monday, my makeup is perfect down to the last single stroke of eyeliner. Every Monday, my outfit is carefully chosen and my room is immaculate when I leave it. Every Monday, I carry a smile all day and it's impossible to piss me off, which is pretty much the opposite on all the other days :P Every Monday, I am with hope that I am given a fresh, new slate to clean up the dirt I've gotten myself into from a previous week. If you ever need to ask me a huge favor, do it on a Monday.

And if only to cheer you up today:

Probably the loveliest proposal I have ever watched. Also, this is the marriage proposal
sequence I have dreamed for myself since I was 16. I can't believe I admitted that.

I really love Monday too much, please don't hate it so it won't go away.