Things I Love Sundays: Lazy Days

Lounging in bed and not snapping into attention the moment the eyes lay down on the clock. Getting tangled into fresh, new sheets until noon. Not getting up from the bed, save from gulapay moments to the bathroom {Yes, Phoebe that's for you!}

Like a boss

Lounging on the couch like a super duper lazy person, just watching TV and not minding the time. It's been a while.

Carrie Bradshaw's Katie/Hubble moment:

Fun OOTDs, getting to wear un-complicated outfits to work:

Blazer: Colour Eighteen
Top: H&M
Jeans: Promod
Shoes: Pill

Photo by: Raymund Isaac

Notice how dry my hair is? I seriously need to amp up my hair regimen! Thankfully, this came in the mail and now, I can stock up on my favorite Kerastase products, YAY!

This card is my ticket to private sales and events and services I can redeem once I rack up enough points <3

Image taken from Saturday's show, The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber
Design made via Postale

The singing, the voice and stage were just as I expected. The costumes, especially the generic hoochie mama costumes {especially on Christine!} were hideous. BUT, I discovered the song below and it made love ALW all the more:

Tell Me on a Sunday - Andrew Lloyd Webber

On the work front, our company's building just had its building inaugurated so we will be making the move SOON, in a few months! Honestly, I am so ready to leave the congestion and pollution in Makati and am excited for BGC <3

On the corner of Fifth Avenue, the Sun shines.

And at the inauguration, I didn't waste any chance and I made sure I had a photo with the highest official of the global operations, Donald Stewart:

T, J, Donald Stewart and I at the Sun Life Centre Inauguration {a certified LEED building} last June 30th. Look, I am so happy!

And of course, with the company's highest officer in the Philippines {and someone I look up to very much}:

Me, SLFP President and CEO Riza Mantaring and my friend J

OH! And speaking of green things:

I'm super excited to try out Pond's White Beauty Naturals!{Because I'm still finishing my favorite Pond's line, Flawless White line, which works best on me.}

Living a tropical country like ours, Filipinas have a difficult time finding that one moisturizer that will keep their complexion fair and their face free from feeling sticky throughout the day. This June, Pond’s finally provides women what they seek.

Pond’s brings to the Philippines the new Pond’s White Beauty Naturals with Camellia leaf extract, known to grow in the foothills of the Himalayas. The Pond’s Institute has uncovered a super ingredient from nature for proven fair skin: the Camellia leaf.

Pieces that need a special kind of pain to be wheedled out of the system:

Before I met you, all I spoke was easy lies, so eloquently you’d sure have believed every storyline I made up for you. But you, you spoke in such a manner you made me  want to be better. I tried changing the easy lies for easy truths, but when I whispered in your ear that I made tea for you, that there was milk in it, that I made that, just for you – you nodded and drank the coffee she made you.

 Lastly, the Philippine Azkals because it's so fun to actually cheer for something {aside from Manny Pacquiao} on Sundays:

Congratulations, Philippine Azkals! I admit, I am no football fan. I wasn't even an Azkals fan.

However, with all these qualifier things and them actually winning at something, and bringing the country pride and unifying so many people divided by many factors {pro/anti RH bill, religion, economic classes, etc.}, I could do my country a favor and cheer for a team. On Sunday afternoon, there I was in my living room, cheering for a team {especially Chieffy and Ian, who are both purely Filipinos} in the game vs. Sri Lanka. And dammit, they won!

Love and sparkly things,