Things I Love: Long Weekends

As a corporate slave, I don't really get that much vacation days. My weekdays are comprised of 18 hours spent on working, socializing, travel time to and from work, and blogger events, too. These are precisely the reasons why I prefer spending my weekends sleeping and doing household chores because I spend most weekdays awake and doing all sorts of things.

When our HR Team sent out a notice that there were two days after the weekend that were going to be non-working holidays, I immediately had thoughts of sleeping in the entire time and only waking up when it was time to go to work. As always, life had other plans as I found myself in Bolinao {Pangasinan} this long weekend. Plus other things in photos of the last two weeks:

With IABC North Asia President Ritzi Ronquillo {and one of my college mentors!} at the IABC Social Media Master Class at McKinley last week.

It's a blogger friendship milestone as Sasha and I spent three four days together, two of which were in succession! In this picture, we toast to friendship at Robot at Manila Peninsula.

Spending time with my cousins <3 has never been this fun.

 Stationery and notebook shopping.

Do expect more love letters from me!

Plus purchased and borrowed books, too, which will take up my time this next few weeks <3

At the Celeteque Dermoscience Launch at SM Makati where I spent some time with fellow beauty bloggers <3

And of course, after which, we celebrated Phoebe' s 16th birthday {photo swiped from her site} And now, some snaps from Bolinao:

Afternoons in Bolinao were spent lounging in hammocks.

And walking along their fine-sand beachesAh, beaches, I have missed you so!

And reading to the soundtrack of the waves {really big waves, if I may!} crashing and the sound of laughter of friends, and seafood waiting for you. I could live like this for a long, long time.

Thank you Universe for letting me recharge {though I am still recovering from fever}, rejuvenated and reset, for friends who take care of you and for the chance to be away from everything. More of this, please <3