Have Passport, Will Travel

I wish to still be breathing by the time this phrase {Have passport, will travel} would actually be doable. For us, holders of that brown passport, we can only do so much and go through so many hassle of needing various visas before we can see the other side of the world. But a girl can hope.

 I can pretend I travel always in first class, from a first world country, even in passport holders.

But instead of dwelling on things we cannot change, I decided to focus on the controllable things in life such as vicariously traveling through what else --- scents and smells!

It's no secret really --- my nose is capable of bringing me to places and times visited. One whiff of a scent of which I have a memory attached to could send me to tears or falling down a rabbit hole of scenes, to be played in my mind over and over. A scent or its reminder I once fell in love with a man because of how he smelled {what an excuse, right?} and to this day, a man's scent will make or break his way to my heart.

Scents have a way of making me travel vicariously --- the scent of chicken broth brings back memories of Singapore, the dewy smell of leaves remind me of Montreal, Tim Horton's and sweet coffee bring to mind Vancouver, slick city streamed with sunshine and no pollution is a smell I attribute to Toronto {and SG!}, exotic herbs bring me back to Bangkok, and margaritas and fajitas never fail to transport me to Mexico.

And since it's been two and a half months since I've stepped out of a plane, I am getting cabin fever and wishing I was somewhere else --- and these three places, South Beach, Tokyo and Paris are not bad to be daydreaming of!

Paris Hilton Passport in Paris, Tokyo and South Beach

Party in South Beach! Shop in Champs Elysees! Eat sushi on the Ginza! Paris Hilton invites young women in every corner of the world to take a fun and fabulous journey when they pick up Passport, the new trio inspired by Paris Hilton's jet-set lifestyle. For girls everywhere who aspire for the romance and glamour of Paris Hilton's Passport Fragrance Collection, her new collection is a playful and pretty way to get on board. The Paris Hilton Passport Collection launched worldwide in spring of 2011. Each bottle a different anime-inspired image of Paris bound to appeal to her fashion-conscious fans and become a collector's item for those who have treasured Paris.

It's been two weeks since these little critters have been invading my purse alternately and like the BFF, I have come to like South Beach the best. Every night that I come home wearing it, I catch a whiff of myself and I always go to bed thinking this scent and my body chemistry goes well together. After all:

I am not exactly cute nor innocently flirty so I guess in the trifecta of Paris Hilton's passport, I am vibrant and so much fun! {:D}

Some thoughts on the fragrance:

  • Packaging. Coming from this, this, this, this this, this, and this, you'd think Paris Hilton's next fragrance would come in a diamond-encrusted bottle with a little heel charm. Of course, she goes beyond {or behind} expectations and comes up with an anime-inspired artwork, of whose lips I wonder were a bit sad. Then I realized, Paris may just be creating this line for tweens or teens and I am not exactly a member of that generation anymore. Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers come to mind with these.
  • The packaging is the only thing about it that I'm balking at since the scents are up to par with the other Paris Hilton scents I've used in the past. While the Paris scent got me on the first sniff, it was the South Beach scent that had me spraying it every day. It would probably be the most age-appropriate scent {for someone in her twenties} as Tokyo and Paris are too sweet for my taste.
  • Not too bad lasting power. As I've said, I can smell this at the end of the night when I come home.
  • 100 mL of these perfumes are at Php 2,600 each and that is not expensive for such quantity.
  • Locally available through its distributor, Prestige Brands Philippines.
  • OVERALL: While I find them cute and wearable, I think I am too old for this collection but nevertheless, if I feel like I want to be a teenager in Paris, South Beach and Tokyo, I can turn to them for inspiration.

Tried any Paris Hilton fragrance lately?
Happy Monday! xx


*Special thanks to Andi Flores of Prestige Brands.