Day 2: 20 of Your Favorite Things

 These are a few of my favorite things <3


1. Books. They're the first thing that came to mind for two reasons: they're the only thing I'll splurge on even if I'm broke and in my house, the books are not limited to the library shelves --- they are pretty much everywhere. I read most times I am not doing anything important.

I used to read a lot of Sweet Valley when I was younger {and was afraid I'd never grow it out, thankfully I have!}, moved on to Danielle Steel, Sidney Sheldon et. al when I got to high school and college. I did read Harry Potter when I was in college, too, but I wasn't as voracious as a reader then because I think I kept partying LOL. In between those years, I interspersed reading classics like Of Mice and Men, Ayn Rand's Anthem, Agatha Christie, Anne Rice, F. Sionil Jose and many others. It was my awakening to grown up reading and I found myself loving reading more.

When I started working, I had more money to buy books, so I read more: Haruki Murakami, Ben Greenman, Mireille Guiliano --- they are just some of the names I am so glad to finally know and their works have immensely changed my life.

2. My iPhone. Anyone with an iPhone or an iPad would know how fun it is to have all those apps on your fingertips --- it makes me happy when I am bored {which is very rare, really}, or when I want a connection to the outside world. It gives me a sense of individuality with its custom features and it hones my iPhoneographer wannabe self.

3. My Passport. Thumbing through sheets and sheets of stamped passport pages remind me of where I've been and the places where I want to go. Never fails to give my heart a warm squeeze.

4. My iPod. My iPod is a reflection of my life. I've had it for five years and it has contained songs that I've discovered through the years. It's been with me through times I've ran and cried lol. And it would show my rather eclectic taste in music.

5. Lemongrass Juice. I seriously hope that even non-Thai restaurants would serve this in the future.

6. My red CMG flats. They're my go to shoes on days I don't need to be at the office or on Fridays, when I'm lazy to dress up but needs a pick me up and a pop of color.

7. My Manduka water bottle. I've taken to commit to drink more water about two weeks ago and I got a new water bottle from my favorite store, Certified Calm. It's BPA-free and it's Eco-usable and I am more hydrated than I've ever been!

8. My yoga mat and towel. Yoga has been and will be an integral part of my life hereon. The mat and towel symbolize my commitment to being grounded and one with the world.

9. My coffee mug. Not a day passes by without me sipping coffee --- and if I don't, I unfortunately, become very unhappy.

10. Sims Social. Sure is a time-waster but I would like to allow myself to be brain dead, if only for once in a while.

While the list says it's supposed to be 20, I choose to stop at 10. Life taught me not to be too materialistic, and it's a feat not to be. But right now, all I really love are the love and comfort of being with family, friends and loved ones. That's all I can really think of right now as my favorites.

Happy Monday and I hope anyone who reads this has a great week ahead!