Things I Love Sundays: Offline Things

If there's anything being connected to the Internet 24/7 taught me is the increasing value of spending time with loved ones. As my work requires me to be online most of the time {even in my sleep, I can tweet}, hours spent chatting of the analog kind  makes me realize that these are the things no one can back up, no one can Youtube if you fail to watch or learn through Slideshare.

Roadtrip with the BFF and singing to 90s songs like I Saw the Sign, Mmmbop and Heaven Let Your Light Shine. Priceless.

Kain Kargador Dinner with Team E at Hawaiian Barbeque (again!)
Photo swiped from Dang

Brekkie, Lunch and Dessert, still with Team E {not really sure what I'm doing in this picture}
Photo credit: Fowebe

Team E bags for an "overnight" trip

My cooperative hair. Thanks Fowebe, for my snap :)

Being greeted by little critters like this.

And this one, which jumps on the bed with you.

And of course, sisterly talks before, after and in between PopBooth <3

Love and kisses,