Day 1: A Picture of What Makes You Happy

Technically, it's not a picture, however a jpeg file.

Page 2 of Tara Cabullo's resume. Click to embiggen.

I recently allowed myself to sit down, take a good hard look at my professional work and rewrote my entire CV from scratch. From scratch.

I am not quite sure why I did it {not exactly on the market for another job} but writing about what I could do, and what I have learned after five years of working sure did tell me I changed a LOT. Aside from the writing, it took me several days to figure out how I wanted it to look like, to find the right Baroque brushes and to decide on the fonts. After a few days, I emerged victorious with three pages of career summary.

After that, I updated my Linked In profile, too. Now, I can move on to other things. And that makes me happy.