Shoe Lusting: Ferretti Shoes

Some weeks ago, fellow beauty blogger Liz Lanuzo sent me an email announcing the opening of Ferretti Shoes' online store.

 Alex, you look so fasyon here, as always!

And to be completely honest, all I can think of right now are buying shoes because I'm feeling especially sad right now {a joke my mom and I would tell each other when the only cure seems to be just shoes}.

Some of my thought bubbles at the moment:

This is perfect for my work outfits -- this would make a neutral ensemble more special <3

 The loafer feel with a bit of wedge seems perfect with my gray skinnies.

Brand Manager Shoes Pair #1

Brand Manager Shoes #2
Just in case you're curious, where I work, it's yellow everywhere:)

This pair reminds me of a pair I really wanted back in SG but no size fits me so maybe Ferretti has a size 7!

What are your Ferretti picks?