Day 10: A dream for the future

Today's blog post is brought to you by one of the impromptu conversations I had last night with a friend.

Why don't you pursue her? It would be nice to see you with someone and in a state of quiet comfort, too. I've never seen you in one, it would be a nice change.

And then my friend grew quiet. Apparently, he was mulling over the subject of quiet comfort, a state he had never been in ever, before. "All my relationships have been in some sort of disarray," he says.


"I've been there. It's those times when you introduce your significant other, with none of the first date frills, or the tension of wondering if your date would like the company of your friends and {more importantly} vice versa. It's planning to camp out in front of the TV and watching episode after episode of your favorite show in silence, but holding each other's hands and laughing. It's ceasing to wonder if the steps you're about to do will make you lose the other's love or not. Of course, quiet comfort is not the end all and be all of a relationship, or a life for that matter, but it's a nice place to be in," I said, in between bites of chocolate.

So that's my wish. For all my friends to achieve some form of quiet comfort in their lives. And for what seemed like a long, long time, I realized that I'm wishing that for myself, too.