The Truth is Not Far Behind

"Hindi ka mukhang nagtatrabaho sa isang insurance company," was what a friend told me immediately after seeing me alight the elevator.

"That's the point," I said, completely unaware of how insurance company employees should look like. Despite being in an insurance company, the word "insurance" being an instant turn off to some as the images of an education plan fiasco comes to mind, I somehow had this vague idea that we, "insurance folks" are expected to be in our stiff suits and palettes of black, gray and white.

But last Saturday was not about me being one and the same and meant to blend into the crowd. I was playing host to an afternoon of exhibiting our endorser {Yes, Piolo Pascual's} photos and paintings of him drawn by his scholar Omar Flores. I was not about to look plain beside Piolo.

But I didn't want to go crazy with the colors, too, so that Saturday morning, when I woke up, I closed my eyes, ravaged my closet and brought out the following to wear:

The only full body shot I had that day. 
So yes, the truth is not far behind.

Tank top: George
Sheath top: Pink Manila
Skirt: Urban Behavior
Nude Pumps: Aldo

And of course, I just have to pout.

What's my take on dressing up the part? I have taken bold choices when it comes to dressing. I always think that I'd rather be overdressed than under dressed and so far {so far!}they all have turned out to be great choices, they have paved ways for me to express my individuality, a trait that goes farther than dressing up as who you are expected to be. They tell us to speak the truth. I believe in the same philosophy even in dressing up.

Speaking of Piolo Pascual and our project with him, here's a little invitation to help raise funds for Hebreo Foundation, which sends poor but underprivileged kids to school. By bidding on the photos taken by Piolo Pascual and the paintings taken of him, you can help more kids attain education they so deserve.