Make Me Up: A Crash course on Make-up, Confidence and everything in between

Well, not really.

First of all, I did not conduct this mini-workshop. Avon, especially Faith Aranton and Djinji Ampil were very accomodating to share with our company a day of gabbing about make up and how to save face during tricky situations.

Avon came to SLF last December 16th, and while not the whole female populace of the company attended, I was able to gather 50 of our female employees (some even coming from Rada St., whilst our building is at Ayala ave.). Djinji talked about a lot of helpful info, some of which I myself, a very, very, vain person, didn't know.

Some of the things she shared are:

1. Make-up life span

2. The 9 basic steps of make up application

3. How to figure out the right shade of foundation

4. Is your eyebrow proportional to your face

5. Basic day and night eye makeup

6. Proper skincare is the most important of all

7. What to do on tricky incidents (eg: you showered your boss with saliva, you tripped etc.)

Overall, the 2 hour workshop was deemed informative, I felt like a kindergarted teacher seeing my students learning how to multiply. Haha! That was OA. But still, it was nice to see colleagues who used to be apathetic about makeup being MADE UP.

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