A Decade of Friendship

Let me just share that I and my girlfriends celebrated our 10th year anniversary last December 17th! :) We, all 8 of us, have been friends for more 10 years now, some even more, because they've been friends since kindergarten. Half of us have only transferred to SJA (our HS alm mater) during frosh year and the rest was history.

In frosh year of 1998 , during our recollection somewhere in Batangas? Gah, I've forgotten!
Take note of the super young faces void of any makeup!

This was taken during Lheebai's (girl in yellow, 4th from left) debut
at BF Resort Country Club. [February 2004]

Take during one of our annual Christmas parties. I think this one was back in 2004?
Yes! I was wearing lipgloss!

Taken during my despedida at Yellow Cab, Las Pinas City.
Where was I moving? To Quezon City!

Taken on December 17th, 2008. 10th year anniversary with
my girls, at TGIF, Mall of Asia. 2 girls are missing,
Thetas and Yhel couldn't make it due to company
Christmas parties.

Oh. What would life be without girl friends, eh?