Every Girl's Gotta Have One

Designer eyewear, that's what.

I never splurge on eyewear shades sunnies ever. I thought it was rather impractical, frivolous and totally unnecessary. Besides, knowing my ever clumsy, often reckless self, I was bound to sit on it, scratch it, or lose it. The idea never crossed my mind. Save for a few times I've considered walking to Greenbelt 5 and treat myself impulsively and with no reason whatsoever. The practical girl in me have always won.

Truthfully, it was the unbearable heat and my upcoming business/vacation trips that propelled me to actually go find something I'd like, something of better quality and longer duration. It was no incident that a colleague just came home from Canada and was selling some items she picked up from there. So when I saw these, I just couldn't resist, despite the hefty price tag that came along with it:

Marc Jacobs 018/S Sunglasses in Gray Blue / Gray Azure Gradient

The lenses are actually purple-ish in person. I love that fact as I only had black and brown shades in the past and truthfully, I'm a huge sucker for anything with a gradient. I still would have preferred Jackie O.-style glasses but these are just as gorgeous when I tried them on so yes, hello there, MJ 018/S. We are gonna be in a long, sunny ride through the summer on this side of the globe. I can't wait.

Besides, you never really know when you need to have "anti-paparazzi" shades [to borrow Jamilla Camel's term]. That is just about the perfect excuse, JC! I'm just glad I now have one.

What about you? What's your take on designer eyewear?