Where the Flowers Are

Do you like receiving flowers? I most definitely do.

It may be because I am not on the same plane that I do not understand women who say they don't like it when a man gives them flowers. To me, it is the superlative of saying, "

You are beautiful," without saying the exact same words. To me, it is the ultimate way to make a girl, a woman, a lady, feel better. It's a celebration of womanhood, of femininity, as opposed to days I feel like a guy for not having a heart. I always wish I'd receive flowers on my birthdays {which I did, BTW!} and on Valentine's Day, no matter how cheesy. I received flowers when I was in the hospital and I felt loads better since that! Flowers on random days are lots of fun, too! My favorites have always been pink stargazers, balanced by white lilies.

Tulips in the color of blush, are a close second.

Birthday Flowers <3

How can you not love these blooms? Source

Just the faintest of pink is enough to make me happy :D

But any type of flower, and whether it arrives on a vase, arranged in a bouquet or tied with a lovely ribbon is ultimately welcome in my home. Especially, if the flowers come with a bottle of perfume that smells like a lighthearted summer afternoon --- those afternoons that are perfect for running around the neighborhood, playing with the kids. 

Acqua Colonia in Royal Riesling

I honestly have never heard of this perfume, until it arrived at my home from a dinner with Sophie ---- happy from our talks but very awkward-feeling because of my peeling. When I saw the basket of flowers waiting on my desk, my mood felt a hundred times better.

Royal Riesling, a term that is not too familiar, apparently is a type of white grape that is native to Germany, from where this perfume originates from. Amazingly, the bottle reminds me of old, vintage-ish bottles from the Victorian era:

When I learned of what Riesling meant, I am only thankful no one sent me a box of grapes.

What I'm thankful for was that Acqua Colonia in Royal Riesling did so much more than come in a pretty package:

What I love about it:

  • The bottle! I'm a sucker for vintage-y bottles and this one wins my heart. I feel a little like Marie Antoinette every time I spray this and for that, I shall attempt to act more reserved in the next few days. Let's see.
  • Smells like teen spirit. Actually, the smell is more reminiscent of Nenuco, a popular baby cologne back in the 90s. Whenever I spritz it on, I feel like I can go out and play with my neighbors after siesta.
  • Economically-priced at Php 2,500.Although mine is a gift :)
  • Locally-available! Acqua Colonia in Royal Riesling can be found nationwide through SM, Landmark and Robinson's Malls!
  • Fresh enough for daily use. I find this not too heavy for the heat in the daytime while having a nice staying power that lasts through the night without being overbearing.

What's your take on flowers and baby cologne-smelling scents?