Things I Love Sundays: What I Haven't Figured Out

Over beers {it's been so long since!}, buffalo chicken wings and nachos with a pot full of melted cheese, my two friends and I gabbed over people and things we haven't figured out. "

Well, I think we were designed not to figure anything nor anyone fully, ever, don't you think?" If we ever did, we'd get tired of chasing it, of reading about it, of appreciating it. And we'd let it go.

I am after all, after the things I haven't quite figured out. I am not here.

Living through the words of my icon, Audrey Hepburn. I can't quite quote it now but reading through the book

What Would Audrey Do {hello, Jill!} changed my mindset and provoked me to look at myself inwardly, quietly and mind my words, thoughts and actions.

I got some Heno de Pravia goodies when I won Shen's contest for The Vow's premiere and my first reaction was: 1) Uy, may Heno de Pravia pa pala!  2) Mabango sya talaga! It reminds me of those times when my mom would smell like it and I would get inggit  and she'd tell me, "Bakit, dalaga ka na ba?" And of course, I couldn't wait to grow up so I can use this soap and now I am using it! It makes me feel pretty <3


When you're an adult, doing corporate stuff, sleep has become so much of a luxury. 

Amanda del Rosario's {of Nanny Rose} handwritten note is something that comes rarely nowadays. Much appreciated, Amanda!

And with the note came more handwritten {labeled} stuff <3

I'm loving the peppermint foot salve and the lip balm! The Mild Like Chamomile salve helped after The Telly Savalas, too!

Been wearing flats all week --- such comfort. Light pink flats from March.

No-chip nail polish. And I've been prying open a lot of bottles, wedging my nails onto corners and washing clothes. 

 There's no heartbreak that chocolate cannot fix.

Something for the cold.

Sab and I haven't seen each other for more than a year -- but we always talk to each other via Twitter, Facebook and of course, SMS. When we finally saw each other this week, she brought me this lovely-printed pashmina. Of course I used it immediately :D

On the same day, I met the super cute, uber adorable Vito Sales, who is always a pleasure to read about <3

What a cutie <3

Photo grabbed from Vince Sales' post. This little guy has amazing and endless sense of wonder especially in the field of science. I'm pretty sure he'll grow up to be a really smart kid. Especially since he has cool and smart parents!

This was really a candid shot {I was busy and I was rushing and I was taranta} --- but I guess the mark of a really wonderful day is when you smile even if you're not thinking of anything nice in particular.

 Zombadings: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington.

Ok, I know I'm super late on this but it's too funny! Plus the dance routine made me almost believe Remington was gay in real life :D

Not quite our usual {crazy} pose but fun nonetheless.

Working with people you like and enjoy the company of is a must in the corporate world --- lest you go bonkers.

I'm ready for another crazy roller coaster week. Bring it on! Are you?