First Look: Creations Salon 2nd Branch

Salons will always be one of my few weaknesses {together with with spas}. Just the thought of spending the day in a place with ladies likely to be like you who value the importance of looking good {to feel good}, a preference to be prim, proper and polished, is enough for me to be always on the lookout for potential hideaways and hourly retreats. After all, a salon is always a place that makes me happy, or any girl, for that matter --- guess I have another one on my list for future reference.

Lourd Ramos' newest branch of Creations sits prettily on the second floor of Cedar Building 2 along Arnaiz Ave. It's pretty easy to spot, and the place where it is tells me the audience {maybe} is the upscale, Gen X markets who have grown up discovering the joys of Cable Car and other Ayala / Greenbelt hangouts in the heydays of 90s.

Impeccable Aesthetics.

The new Creations Eco Salon looks clean and easy on the eyes with the wooden interiors and plethora of plants.

Davines - exclusive.  Ramos, being an ambassador of Davines products, only uses Davines in this branch.

Martha and I jokingly talked about Davines' products being doppelgangers of kitchen staples like a guac dip, olive oil and liver pate in silver tubes :D

When I arrived, I saw ARC's  Kira and Gerick being very busy.  Later on, we had a nice chat while having our brunch and hair treatments.

Speaking of treatments:Lourd gave my hair one touch and managed to diagnose me with a treatment to make it look healthier:

Is it just me or ang cute ni Lourd?

Notice how clean the packaging of Davines is? I like! Again, very Kitchen Musical ang drama. Love!

Shampoo time.

This replenishing butter stayed on onto my hair for I think 30 minutes.

After the blow dry, an ample amount of this nourishing oil was applied and the result was:

 According to Shen, this is the Tara Draper Look. Mad Men peg :D

 Speaking of Shen, here she is, being colored pink and blue!

Kira of Elegantly Wasted and Me -- whom she called New Girl after seeing my outfit, a dress from SM and a cardigan from Merona.

Flats: March

 Martha, Lourd, Kira and Me at the new Creations Eco Salon. Thank you for a fun salon day, Lourd, Outsmark and ARC!

*Creations Eco Salon by Lourd Ramos is located at 2F Cedar Executive Building, 1006 Pasay Road {formerly Arnaiz Ave.}, Makati City. Visit their website here or their Facebook page here.

PS: I'm bound to be back for a coloring session. Hope to see a familiar face!