The Opposite of Norm

It's been six years since I've had my hair in curls and it's almost shocking and completely un-normal for me to see myself with straight hair. The truth is, I envy girls who look pretty with their shiny, black, healthy hair. As for me, I've been told I look mahirap nondescript, plain Jane, with me in my straight, black hair, so I've kept my hair in its permed state for the last six years.

Circa 2003

But every now and then, after I get a treatment at a salon {in this case, a heavy dose of Powerdose at Freshaire, Market! Market!}, I am a little appeased I may not look that bad with straight hair.

Fresh off the blowers.

 Thank you for the amazing powerdose and blowdry. I haven't seen so many double takes in a day!

Even I cannot recognize myself :D

Thoughts on going back straight {for one day}:

  • It really is such a tedious hairstyle to maintain. I'm sure curly-haired girls can relate: we don't need to comb or brush our hair anymore.
  • Going straight is just the same as being curly --- there's that product you'll need to make sure you don't look like a bird's nest. In my case, I used L'oreal's Mythic Oil above.
  • Though I'd have to agree I look like a good girl and I miss that.
  • But for now, I am going back to curly hair. 

What's your take on straight hair? Does it tell you anything?