A Day in the Life of Tara Cabullo

Sometime during the weeks of butt-numbing, head-crunching work that I had been consistently missing blogging, I asked a dear friend on what could be the next best topic to blog about and she nonchalantly answered:

How about you blog about what happens with your day?

I wasn't sure what I reacted initially --- after all, my day could be more boring for some, and a little too crazy and gasp-inducing on other days for some {why, you just have to ask me in person}. I wasn't sure I could blog about the very busy days (ones that include running in heels), I wasn't sure I could take photos. 

Plus, most of the things I do either can't be blogged about.


posts somehow puts things into perspective, is what I realized while taking photos and writing this post. It makes you very well think if you're truly satisfied with what you do and what you have and who you encounter every day. It makes you feel grateful. It forces you to stop comparing yourself with the lives you see splattered all over the internet and at the end of the day, makes you realize that you are where you are supposed to be.

I wake up at roughly between 5:30 AM and 6:00 and this is the first sight I see: the books I read the night prior on my bed side table: Dan Roam's Back of the NapkinNina Garcia's Look Book and Mireille Guiliano's French Women Don't Get Fat

It is of note, I guess, that I also read again upon waking up, after breakfast and after doing my makeup.

Om, shanti.

Before breakfast, I devote half an hour to 1 hour for yoga and my race to 1,000 crunches {I only get up to 100}. 

I usually have buttered toast, yogurt or a huge plate of rice :D  After which, I do my ACV thing for good digestion.

Everyday, I have to choose from my humongous basket of toiletries.  I believe I was in the shortlisting process when I snapped a photo here.

L-R:Kerastase Fibre Architecte Shampoo, Kerastase Chroma Captive Shampoo, Dove Intense Repair Conditioner, Nanny Rose Gugo and Lawat Shampoo and Zen Zest Talc Body Scrub

My clothes for the day hang beside my mirror --- they have been prepared the night before.

 After prancing around after I've dressed up, looking at my clothes from all angles, I sit down to do my makeup. While doing so, I bop my head to One Direction.

L-R: Charm Retractable Flat Top BrushL'oreal Colour Riche in Golden VanillaBenefit Brow ZingsBenefit Sugarlicious, an eyebrow shaver and my iPod.

Here's the complete look --- I was going for a very nude, very understated look. 

 Inspired by all the sugar I am not eating, I spritzed on Vanilla Ice Cream cologne from Zen Zest's Sparkling Sugar collection.

 It's a short drive to the office, here I was passing by Rockwell Bridge.

 Heh. My messy desktop.

 Aftermath of a quick morning discussion, a rambling of things to do for the week, an oily nose and even more meetings.

 Reading and tea break with this apricot tea. Super yummy!

 Lunch (out) can either make you feel you were out under the sun all day or smell like what your seatmate had for lunch so be sure to freshen up with these!

L-R: Pevonia Mist, Green Cross Isopropyl alcohol, The Body Shop Fire Lily and Amber Fragrance Oil and Snoe's Sweet Hair Glaze in Melon Yogurt

That day, I was lucky to be witness to an amazing woman speak about drawing lines, the difference of being evil and good and the social good.

Here's an excerpt of the article I wrote about her speech:

Ressa approached the podium in her thin, unassuming frame, her demeanor, pleasant. If unfamiliar, one cannot tell this is the same woman who authored Seeds of Terror, a blow by blow account of the hideouts of Al Qaeda in Asia. She smiled as she made references to the Spanish novel hero, Don Quixote {the character penned by Spanish novelist Miguel de Cervantes} and how that fact betrays her age. From the front of the podium, it was impossible to tell the woman’s extensive experience in investigative journalism, her staunch reputation on journalism, the many millions and dollars she has refused in exchange of her integrity and much too many credentials that earned her numerous prestigious awards, one from Esquire in 2010, as the sexiest woman alive for her fearlessness.

Before resuming with mind numbing tasks, I paid bills online, too!

 Where I exercise my skills, I write a lot of letters.

 Beginnings and endings are orders of the day, too.

 And choosing shoes.

 The day ended with a lovely practice but of course I wasn't able to take a photo of that so here is my yoga outfit instead:

Coverup: SM Ladies' Wear  Yoga top: Zobha Yoga pants: Victoria's Secret VSX Flip flops: Roxy

And that my friends, is how my day goes. Not the most exciting of my days but nevertheless fun and affirmative of my reason and higher purpose in life. I wish I could share everything that happened that day, though but maybe in the future! xx

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