How to brighten up a day

"Malayo pa lang, alam kong ikaw na yan," said my colleague R as we descended the steps of our office building.
"May pinagdadaanan ka ba?" asked another.

"I really just want to use a new lipstick, that's all," I replied as I pursed my fire-engine red lips. It was a Monday, the start of a brand new workweek and I wanted something new. And something different. I had pondered over the meaning of life over the weekend and whether I should get a side shave but being the chicken that I am, I decided that I wasn't ready for such gasp-inducing change.

I turned my attention to just using a new lipstick, as I have been doing for the past few days. Lipsticks are a non-committal, inexpensive and cheer-me-up solution to a fine and dandy day. I am grateful for our friends over at L'oreal who sent over lovely new shades to try.

There were days when I'd think to myself, "Why am I not like the simple girls who look so pretty despite not putting anything to their faces?" and not put anything. The next day I would and I would realize how silly it was. I am not a simple girl and I would never be {no matter how hard I aspire to be one} so might as well embrace that fact. Lately, I've taken joy from having to eeny meeny miny moe over lipstick shades in the morning. Much to St. Luke's BGC's shock, I had chosen red on the day I popped in for my appointment.

Think Pink reminds me of my favorite MAC lippy, Pink Nouveau! Fairy Touch, on the other hand, is very dainty.

When they said Intense, I didn't expect it to be intense like this. Lovely!

Sometimes, a lipstick is the only pop of color in an otherwise all black ensemble. {Wearing Think Pink in the photo above}

What's your change something quick technique? I need more hence I shave the side of my head!
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