Suddenly a cat person

I've spent about half of Thursday's evening with my BDJ girls Can and Kate over cocktails --- and talking about cats.

I'm not sure when it was that it happened but it seems that overnight, I have turned into a cat lady. First of all, I am a semi recluse --- I cannot stand anyone yapping in my ear and I love the fact that I can always choose to spend my time in my own company when I want to.

That said, it came as a complete surprise that I found myself sipping coco lychee tinis and cooing over the idea of having a Persian cat {or more unrealistically, an exotic shorthair} to come home to every day. My future ninang for my cat, Candice, of course, was a huge contributor as to why. As I had learned:

  1. Cats are low-maintenance. Living in a building where there is no ample space and no household help, I'd love a snob little creature to live with me whom I just need to leave enough food, a scratching post, ventilation and toys and not wreak havoc in my house.
  2. Cats aren't as playful as pups. I lived most of my younger life with two dogs and I know for sure how physically active they get {especially Jack Russells and shih tszus}. 
  3. Cats are fiercely loyal. That explains the snobiness when older -- cats develop this sense when they are kittens so it may be tough to consider adoption {nothing against it, but unless it's a kitten, I'm afraid I can't}.
  4. Catsdon't smell as they thought it would. One can always simulate a litterbox at home and throw it immediately. 
  5. Cats are by default, cute. I think when I do finally get that kitty, I would have even more reasons to come home early. Sigh. So cute.