What I Know For Sure: Safety Nets

Over the last few days, I had forgotten what day it was and that in the other side of the world, where it’s home, it’s finally the weekend. When you’re on vacation, in the North nonetheless, and have been spending days on end on the road, it’s easy to forget which day it is.

It’s been five days since I’ve been here. Truth be told, I hadn’t planned much for a vacation in the great vast Nova Scotia. I had been prepared to go to Paris and Vienna, Ireland and Salzburg. I was not prepared to see endless rolling hills and oceansides. But there was much to be gleaned from this small detour.

First Time | Lifehouse

Everybody’s wired for a different adventure. If it were up to you, and not the people around you, where would you go? What I learned today is that after all these years, if you ask me, if money was no issue, where would I go? I don’t know. I’d say Europe in a heartbeat because Europe is on everyone’s bucket list, including mine. While I know I would go to Europe soon, I just realized that it wasn’t what I needed now. For some reason, this was where I needed to be and I love where I am. While this decision wasn’t mine to make, it helps me decide a lot of things for when I return home.

It’s a rush to be in so much space.

It was getting boring in Manila {this is not to be confused with hating the Philippines because I don't}, with everyone having the same thoughts, the same adventures, bumping into each other in the usual places, myself included. I guess I’ve fallen into the trap of following the crowd, doing the popular choices and having the same beliefs. Today, I am thousands of miles away from that and beside the bonus of having a lot of space to myself, I get to be exposed to various thoughts, hear miner stories, among others, get immersed in Celtic culture. I guess this is why I spend hours on end reading Sarah Vickers’ blog and Manger. They are blogs that tackle life in places not too many live in and philosophies in life that don’t follow the crowd.

I actually like coastal living. True, I didn’t go fishing or anything in the water but living near the water is such a delight. In the morning, waking up to the sight of the lake IS amazing. At nights, it is an experience to breathe in salt-tinged air while having a glass of wine, talking about the mysteries and wonders of life. The problems of my real life seem so far, far away. You know what I also like? Country music. Country music have been the soundtrack of my life these days. When I was 14, I abhorred country music for no good reason. Now that memory seems so far away.

Stress will haunt you down, of course, no matter where you are. Before I left, I had been thinking a lot about all these things that doesn’t even have to do with me. Sometimes, I want to just walk away from it all, really but of course, the sensible side always wins. A stress-less life is fun, that is what I know. But if I take off the goals, the failures, the losses, well, that doesn’t make me much either. That said, a person’s strength is measured by the failure he gets up from, not the ones he walks away from.

One travels to meet God. I haven’t been to church for numerous weeks and I can’t really pinpoint a specific reason. It wasn’t until I was in the middle of nowhere, marveling at the awesome nature I am in, while listening to Hillsong United that I was washed with the Holy Spirit.

Stay and Wait | Hillsong United

Choose your battles. Because really, do you have to attend to all that you're invited to?

I'm off to bed in a bit {at 9 PM here, where I am} but I do wish you, whomever you are who's reading this blog, a very wonderful Sunday. Keep your heart light always.

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