A High Heeled Warrior's Secret: The Foldable Shoes

There were days from long time ago that I would never, ever succumb to taking off my high heels and brave the exhaustion that came with looking fantastic in high heels. In five inch ones, even. I am tiny {at 5'4"} so I always make it a point to look taller than I really am.

At 27, not only am I completely over partying {for no good reason}, I am also respectful of my body when I need to rest my legs. For a long time, I've worn Yosi Samras day in, day out and practically everywhere, even to Toronto and Tokyo. However, the soft leather gave up on me back in Manila so it was a welcome treat to be introduced to a British brand of foldable flats, Butterfly Twists.

I got this glittery ballet flat called Samantha.

These Chanel-esque flats are too dainty for words.

The best thing about Butterfly Twists are their foldable rainboots. 


Berkeley Foldable Boots

I've only been wearing the Butterfly Twists pair I have for almost a week but here are my thoughts on why you should get yourself one:

  • Wearing high heels for a long time is a huge pain --- and folded flats fit perfectly in the purse.
  • Foldable flats comes in two types: the ones which has a gap in the middle and the ones which don't. Unfortunately, Butterfly Twists do not have a gap in the middle, which makes it tug on the ankles. To make it hurt less, get a bigger size, in my case, a size 8 when I'm really a 7.
  • The nicest thing about Butterfly Twists is that they have foldable rain boots. How fun is that? Price ranges from PHP 3,499 to PHP 4,299.
  • As for the flats, the price range is from PHP 1,699 to PHP 1,999. The premium line is available at PHP 4,599.

Overall: The Butterfly Twists line are amazingly extensive in design, does its job of relieving the pain of walking in high heels, and they are sexy, too. Hopefully, they add a gap in the middle. Thankfully, my flats are slightly bigger, so they don't hurt. Oh, and I hope a washable version comes out, too! 

I am thinking of getting another pair, the Olivia one, perhaps :D
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