Junior Martha Stewart Chronicles

Have I ever told you how much I love cleaning {my own} bathroom? A lot. :D When my friend T mentioned this brand which works wonders, I just had to get it because I have tried everything and mixing baking soda and vinegar isn't the most fun chore in the world.

Now, I have a Waitrose army in my bathroom. Thanks, T.

So far I've tried:

  • Essential Waitrose Bathroom Cleaner - sprayed on the grout and the tiles and after a few minutes, scrubbed it with a brush. Grime was off {but I didn't have much to begin with} and maybe it was just my imagination, but the tiles were sparkling after.
  • Essential Waitrose Delicate Wash - not too bubbly but my delicates were clean after being soaked in them. Good enough for me!
  • Essential Waitrose Fabric Conditioner in Summer - AHHHHH! Smells good and probably the best smelling fabric conditioner ever.
  • Essential Waitrose Fabric Freshener - Sprayed this on my shower curtain, bed sheets and hand towels. My tiny home smells like baby cologne. So much love for this product!

The bottles range from PHP 140 to 150 {I think} per 500 mL and are available at Rustan's Fresh Supermarkets. I don't know how much their local counterparts cost, primarily because I've always bought sachets cos I like keeping my bathroom minimalistic. But with these, I don't mind stocking up the space. The bottles are nice to look at! As for the cost, if you need a little more fun in the chores department, this could be it!

Happy Thursday!
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