Nova Scotia in Photos

Whenever I get asked as to where I'd been the past four weeks ago, people would often give me a quizzical look and say "What? Where is that?" True enough, Nova Scotia is no Filipino aspirational vacation. In fact, when my family first broached the subject, I was extremely deadma.

I knew it was the land of too many empty spaces and rolling hills and I didn't know what else. A friend from Rappler would tease me and my "white girl" vacations simply because we know no one who's been to such place.

My guess is that things happen when you need them --- and needless to say, Nova Scotia was just what I needed. I'm out of words today, which is rare. I have no words. But I have photos --- and here's to hoping I give justice to the side of the world which is home to the Titanic, the best lobsters and kilts.

To date, my Nova Scotia trip is my favorite Canadian trip --- and I'd go back if I have the resources to. As for now, I think my next white girl vacation would be the Dominican Republic :D

See you soon, DR!

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