Things I Love Sundays: Amazing Days

There was this experiment on positive thinking that I've been trying since last week. Everyday, when I woke up, I'd think for minutes that something amazing will happen to me that day.

Guess what? Every single day would end amazingly. :D

I've lost track of the blessings I've received this week but here are some random things I'm thankful for. May you all have a wonderful, amazing week!

  1. Going to #Converge with my girls, Sophie and Shen and for the first time, praying for each other. I'm thankful to have met these two girls from the world of beauty blogging and now, to be sharing dreams, hopes and prayers. It was such magic.
  2. A deluge of chocolates, coffees and random treats. Resigning has its perks --- people do show their affection and that they will miss you. The week did feel like my birthday week!
  3. Finding the time to read again. This is what it feels like to be learning things I've never learned before. It's magical and logical at the same time.
  4. Finding the perfect gift. Somebody special to me is celebrating a special milestone in a few days and unlike the previous years, I found the gift not in the nick of time.
  5. Meeting with friends. To talk about life, to catch up, to enjoy coffee on a rainy day. Life has definitely slowed down for me and I love it this way. I know, maybe some months from now, I'd be hankering for busy days but for now, I'm enjoying sharing meals with my friends and pondering on life's wisdom.
  6. Making like Elle Woods on Legally Blonde. I forgot to bring my Mac at my last RFP class, and it was tough because it was about the time value of money. I was praying my teacher doesn't call me, as I had to take time in computing for the answers. Thankfully, as I manually solved the problems using a pen and a paper, I discovered I still remembered my math and well, let's just say I am really liking this finance thing. Ironically, I am loving it when I decided to leave the financial services industry.
  7. Looking forward to trips and vacations. The nice thing about trips made months in advance is the feeling of anticipation that lasts long --- and that to me, is always worth it.
  8. Being nominated for this. I am terrified and excited at the same time.

Here's to my second to the last week at {my current} work, and an amazing week ahead.