Flowers in the Air, Flowers Everywhere

Lately, life has been all about maintaining its quality. At the moment, I get to enjoy solidly eight hour work days {yes, nothing more!}, getting home before sunset, being able to spritz on a lovely scent each morning, eating a meal of colorful fruits, donning beautiful clothes and smiling all the way to work and back. At work, I get to sprinkle my work area with flowers I pick up from the market every Sunday after church.

Did you know that real poppies are scent-less?

If anything else, it's nice to spread flowers up in the sky. These days are more perfect than my usual perfect days.

Atop the city of Makati, we saw the sun set and the poppies fly.

... and ate poppy-inspired desserts.

... and get to meet wonderful ladies {one Parisienne at that!}

We chatted about my being Francophile, Asian hair, traditions and all the differences in between.

And be introduced to a scent that encapsulates it all. 

"To make the world beautiful, let's flower the air, flower the sky."

"The answer was already in our questions: freedom. The poppy needs to be free. It needs to go wherever it wants. Do whatever it wants. Be able to say: How about flying? How about flowering the whole world? How about...?

This resolutely free poppy decided to take to the air and infused this new creation with a unique signature. It perpetuates Flowerbykenzo’s message with its own particular aura."

As an everyday scent since, Kenzo Dream's Flower in the Air has been very uplifting, fresh and just right. Bearing the characteristics of where it originated {France, where else?}, it is charming, enigmatic and bright, all at the same time. Even its press release seems to have been translated by a charming Frenchman, stumbling upon the English language. It is all too cute.

And if you would like to take the flower wave to a higher level, by offering a poppy to a friend or loved one, Kenzo is helping mothers in the world. Click on the link below:

The New Kenzo Dream Flower in the Air is available at Rustan's:

30ml PhP 3,250
50ml PhP 4,900
100ml PhP 6,550

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