Things I Love Sundays: Get Up, Stand Up

The irony, though, is that I can't really get up a lot, nor walk a lot. 

I played ball last night and my guess is that I've been doing so much passive activities such as yoga that I sprained my ankle last night. I am happy though --- this is my first time in a long, long time, to be injured from sports. The last one was when I was 15, I skinned my knee while playing basketball.


I've been watching Grey's Anatomy's mid-season winter finale and I couldn't help but gasp, smile and re-watch. If you're a Jackson-April fan as I am, here's the scene from last Thursday's episode.

Be ready:

Bonus: Jill Andrews' Total Eclipse of the Heart is ahhhhmazing <3 

In other news, lots of things happened this week. 

Attended my first event for Colgate-Palmolive

Wine Pairing class with the BDJ Box Beauty Ministers

Dropping by Sun Life to help with Cinemaid. It starts next week, for PHP100, one gets to help Yolanda victims to rebuild their lives


"Discovered" Insights

Back in the field --- but not for very long.
What about you? How was your week?
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