What I Know For Sure: Choose

I had an interesting conversation with someone I've been friends with for more than a decade. It was about how I want my future kids to call me {doesn't really matter among Mama, Mommy and Mom}. He said it was still better than choosing not to have kids at all like Shiela Sazs of Suits, a definitive twist in the episode as Louis Litt breaks up with her because she didn't want to have kids.

I felt bad for Shiela. Unlike her, I plan to have a family in the future but like her, there are far too many choices I've made and will make in this lifetime that doesn't fall under the mainstream column of choices.

That said, why does everyone insist on making the popular choice? Popular doesn't mean quality. In the Philippines, popular culture would mean noontime shows, badly-made telenovelas and fans clubs fighting teenagers over fictional love stories. These are bad examples but you do get what I mean.

For some reason, my love for having a choice grows stronger every week. Maybe it's all those news that highlight the importance of having one and being able to stick to it. Maybe because you want a different story and you just want a different kind of adventure.

Is that so bad?

I digress. In light of choosing adventures and left field choices, here was what went down in my week and my not so obscure choices:

This was how my Friday night looked like.

Know more about Urban Ashram's Project Y and how you can make use of your summer vacation to get to know yourself better.

Third week of consistent swim training. YAY!

It used to be all about baking under the sun and looking good in a bikini. Now, it's so much more, I don't even have time to just lie under the sun anymore!

Happy Girls for Happy Skin!

Friends Jacqe and Rissa launched Happy Skin's summer collection last Wednesday and I couldn't be any happier for this homegrown Filipina brand. Stay tuned to this blog for the reviews! Also, see who's back?

Somebody is writing again about money matters. Read about my piece on independence here.

Still not over the HIMYM Finale.

I am on the side who's very happy with the {bittersweet} ending. If there's anything to be learned, all things legendary are worth waiting for.

I was never one for following dress codes but this one had enough leeway to express one's self. :D

What choices did you make this week?
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