Blame it on the 10-Step Korean Ritual

I can't remember when was it that I thought make up remover tissues were any better than plain, old oil removers or even the non-oil ones but I guess it was one of those afternoons when I'd go straight to the pool and then I'd remember:

Oops, I still have makeup on. And then it led me to discover this little pack I've had in my stash for a while:

PHP 119 for a pack of two at Watson's 

I'm pretty sure it cleans and removes makeup as well and as accurate as my other makeup removers {shu uemura pink and VMV gentle oil-free removers are my favorite} but I suppose there's something about the massaging motion that makes my skin much more supple, soft and positively glowing.

It is, after all, the first step in the10 Step Korean Beauty Ritual:

Thank you for the gift of {tedious} beautiful rituals, Koreans!

Happy Tuesday!
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