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Five days.

Five freaking days of self-imposed house arrest because I had been sick and I didn't even realize it. It took the company doctor to tell me how I have swollen tonsils and the aching joints I had were not because my muscles were finally developing from all the push ups I have been doing. I had the flu and I didn't even know, heck I even went to swim training and asked the coach to go easy on me because I wasn't feeling well.

But a human body can only take so much.

Let's start with the heat {unbearable}, a truckload of chores {I am no superwoman, I cannot do it all, everyday, and be awesome everywhere else}, mental stress, cabin fever {not from this house} and maybe, watching stressful episodes of Entourage had something to do with it, too.

I just couldn't accept that I was sick, especially not in a time that I'm actually eating healthy, working out everyday, clocking in just the right hours, maintaining a decent social life and smiling more. And then I had my flu shot and everything went downhill from there. The thought of not doing anything productive for five days was killing me, and then I think that being productive is actually making me exhausted, walking under the Manila clouds {even at night!} is making me exhausted.

And then, into the fourth day of my house arrestI realized that it was what I needed. I needed to rest, and as my friends have told me, it's my body's way of telling me to slow down. I've been trying to be everywhere and everything: a domestic diva at home {I cook lunch and dinner}, I go to the market once to twice a week to make sure I eat only the freshest food, my beauty routine takes an hour more sometimes, I read in between, study the research my work demands, and at times, help out a needy friend because once upon a time, I was a needy friend, too.

I guess I didn't need all of that.

And that after five days of having myself for company {my Mac, my EOS M, which I'm learning and the occasional masseuse}, I have to give myself credit for not freaking out. Despite my colleagues volunteering to bring me comfort food {which was so sweet, I am grateful}, I insisted to get well on my own. Maybe next time.

In other news, here are things I'm thankful for this week:

May's BDJBox is awesome! Love, love, love everything!

Jellyace, anyone? Munched on them and some dark chocolate while chatting with my mom. Happy times!

Teriyaki Chicken + Black Rice

Spending time in bed, and not feel guilty about it because I had to rest though I still watched some TV series {Vince Chase} and learned working my toy.

This is how deluded I've been: I actually asked the doctor if what she meant by rest is working on my desk without standing up.

The massage I got on Wednesday night. If there's anything I love most about this country despite the truths in  this article, I love our $6 massages!

Happy week ahead, everybody!
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