Chronicles of Juicing: Juju Cleanse


Long, long after the fog of juicing craze have cleared out, I have finally mustered the energy to come to Juju Eats at Pasong Tamo Ext. and grab some bottles of cold-pressed juice. It was the week of prayer and fasting so in my head, I could maybe treat myself to nutritious juices and a bit of salad wrap from the famous health joint.

Juju Eats: It was a challenge to come to the sole branch of Juju Eats. Located along a busy district, in Makati nonetheless, it was tough finding parking. Maybe I've just been so used to the nicer parts of Makati and a recent bout of strandedness in the same street made me feel like it didn't belong there. In my head, I expected it to give a healthy, LA kind of vibe where everyone is zen and perky. Instead, as I came in, I was assaulted by the raggedness of the crowd it attracted. A day before, I went inside the Jollibee in the same street, and in comparison, the Jollibee crowd looked tame compared to the Juju crowd. Maybe it was just that day, I don't know for sure. That was my very recurring thought, that the place feels like being inside a rowdy fast food chain where people can't decide what they want to have.

I asked the staff for a recommendation and she recommended the Big Boy, which is made up of romaine, grilled chicken, bacon, hard boiled egg, sun dried tomato, grated cheddar, red kidney beans,roasted red pepper, french dressing. It is probably the second best salad I've had in recent memory, the best one being the one from Your Local. I know they have an option to DIY but I had no patience that day. Before checking out at the till, I asked for juices to go, which they sold at PHP 165 per 250 mL. I bought Chocolate Nutmilk, Spicy Limonade and Ginger Lemon. 

Juju Cleanse: Unlike many people who go into juicing, I didn't drink the juices as the main sustenance for the day. I still had my fish dish during lunch and the wrap above, but having a healthy, nutritious juice for the day made me feel like I wasn't depriving myself of nutrients. Here are my thoughts:

  • I liked both the Ginger Lemon and Spicy Limonade but I am not a big fan of the Chocolate Nutmilk. I found it too thick and heavy on the tongue.
  • I think the pricing is pretty different if you remove the delivery cost, so I'm glad to having scored since I went there to buy the bottles.
  • Loved the fact that they have expiry dates, and if like me, you're forgetful, remember to finish the juices within the day or in the next two days.
  • I have only tried juices from The Juice Barista and The Skinny Juicery and while those were yummy, there's something different with Juju Cleanse, knowing it came first. It felt original, premium. I don't know why, it just does.

Will I drink it again? Yes, most likely. Though I'd really want to skip the part where I have to go to the restaurant and encountering the mad crowd. 

Juju Eats is located at G/F, BCS Building, 2297 Chino Roces Ave, Makati City | (02) 551 3968
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