Schloss Neuschwanstein

One of the many immediate things on my bucket list was to see the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. It has been on my mind since I found out it is the Walt Disney castle.

Imagine the horror when on the day of our tour to Schwangau, township of Neuschwanstein, that we were just going to drive by.

Hell no.

Luckily, our group had two full hours to burn at Schwangau for lunch so instead of having a proper meal, I hiked some 10,000 steps {about 6.2 km} uphill to my castle. I didn't travel all the way from Philippines to drive by. No way.

It was a challenging hike. It was fortunate though that it was cool and sunny and that it wasn't humid at all. When I heard my parents say they weren't going up, I made the swift decision to go up the hill, much to my mother's dismay. Sometimes, I think she still sees me as a small child who's not capable of finding her way home. This was not the time. I stuck with the South African family from my bus and proceeded to go up the castle.

Some twenty minutes later, I was greeted by this:

And just like that, the breathlessness from brisk walking was replaced by a kind that's come out of seeing something so grand, bigger than life and utterly magnificent. It was as if I'd come to Disneyland myself, dressed in a ball gown with glass slippers. Actually, now that I typed that, I see now why there were carriages to take you up. I could've opted for those but I was on a tight deadline and as much as I loved the castle, I didn't want to stay stranded in a foreign land with no Prince Charming in sight.

After a few minutes, I set out to hike some more, to Marienbrucke, where all postcard perfect dreams come true. And I'd guess this is why:

I still haven't gotten over the fact I just made it to face a childhood dream. Still not over the fact that I didn't get to go in {one needs to book months in advance!} so my future husband will just have to bear with us going back.

I can't wait :)
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