Chronicles of Traveling: The People You Meet

There can be much to be gleaned from a group of people traveling together for two weeks. There are the bits of annoyances like some not quite being able to understand the basics {language barrier, as one would expect}, the way one gets to be after some time, minor disagreements, a smirk here and there.

Despite it all, I'd think that on top of all the sites one sees, and the history one picks up, the most important aspect of traveling would always be the people you meet.

For example, I am now informed that the best time to go for a safari in Johannesburg would be in February because that's when the animals have had their babies. This is something I learned from my South African travel mates who also took my photo at the Marienbrucke in Neuschwanstein. It was a moment, definitely, when our Colombian travel friend received some news from home and began crying. She and I bonded over Magicjack afterwards hehe.

Team Australia were definitely the funniest bunch. They just kept making jokes like nobody's business and kept everyone in stitches. Team Australia ladies were an inspiring bunch, too. The men were on to Slovenia, Amsterdam and Madrid and the ladies have come from a 30 day Eurotrip, a week in the US and onwards to Dubai before going back to Adelaide.

More importantly, the life celebrations of the people in the trip was proof that love, family and happiness is a universal truth --- it applied to everyone, regardless of where you are from in the world.

My dad celebrated his birthday, yay! A couple from Toronto were celebrating their anniversary. A couple about my age just got engaged. An older couple from Ohio was the perfect picture of marriage. Several times, I caught them making inside jokes and having quite a laugh to themselves. For someone who ceased to believe in love, it was nice to be touched by strangers' acts of love.

If I'm not mistaken, two young people from two different countries got together, too :)

I remember groaning a bit when I was paying my travel expenses. Intercontinental travel is never cheap, no matter how cheap they say it to be. However, if you get the chance, always take it. It will always be worth it no matter what.

As for me, I'm on to the second leg of my travels. I just hugged the coach driver and the travel director and felt like they've become an unforgettable part of my life. As I type this, I'm off to the Netherlands and Belgium. It should be fun :)

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