Things I Love Sundays: Chronic Traveling

I'm currently in the lobby of our hotel in Cologne as I type this. My nail got slashed for some reason but I'm all sorts of happy. Not a lot of things can top traveling with loved ones, especially if it's in a place as lovely as Germany.

We have gone through the expensive district of Frankfurt, ate authentic German sausages, apfelstrudels, chomped on pretzels and chugged German draft beer. Of course, family time means a lot of asaran time with my brother so not everything is picture perfect, haha.

Friends have been asking what's the weather like here in Europe and so far, it's just lovely. It's summer here which means it's like January weather in the Philippines. It's the perfect day to be having a gelato in the middle of Cologne and watching beautiful people pass by.

Our travel director just dropped by to chit chat about his work: traveling, what else and I'm reminded of how a) what a fun job that must be b) I'm so lucky to be traveling now c) I really should be sleeping now hehe.

Happy Sunday!
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