Love You a Long Time

I wasn't entertaining the idea of love locks. To me, it was a thing I would have to deal with when I go to Paris in the next few months. Surely, there's nothing incredible with a lock that has a name on it. Put a lot of it, however, on a bridge, and we're talking.

The first love lock ever, apparently was started in Italy, followed by Paris, London and my first every love lock bridge, with most number of locks, Cologne. I believe there's one too in New York but the city council had to remove it for it was already weighing down the bridge and was becoming an eyesore, too.

"A bridge symbolizes the meeting of two people and the lock means pinning it down forever," my travel director said. For someone who has never engraved a name with someone else in a tree, or entertained the idea of forever with someone yet, the love lock is a foreign idea.

Someday, I will wave the white flag and maybe put a lock on it, too.

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