Paris in Film

It hasn't been a week since I returned and my sleeping hours are still out of whack -- typing this at 3:34 AM on a weekend. I can't sleep -- but I am glad to be home. I missed home, though I do miss Paris as well. Looking at the pictures I took makes me itch planning my next Paris trip.

Aside from the usual desk research we do for travels, here's a tip I got from one of my favorite authors of all time, Anthony Bourdain: Read a book, or in my case, watch a movie set in the city of your destination. This way, you will know the ins and outs of the city that guidebooks won't be able to describe imaginatively ever. If you're visiting Paris anytime soon, here are the movies I watched in preparation. Enjoy!


  • Midnight in Paris, 2011, directed by Woody Allen. While on a honeymoon, Owen Wilson's character finds himself in 1920's Paris every midnight and gets to hang out with Fitzgerald. How lucky! Bonus: Tom Hiddleston plays F. Scott Fitzgerald.
    What to see: Old Paris, new Paris, Giverny {where Claude Monet lives}
  • Amelie, 2001, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Amelie is the story of a girl who wasn't aware of her life's purpose until she discover the joy of being generous and helpful and vows to do this all the time.
    What to see: Modern, gritty Paris, Metro stations, Audrey Tatou's fabulous outfits and cute Parisian men.
  • Before Sunset, 2004, directed by Richard Linklater. One of my favorite movies of all time is set in one of my favorite cities in the world and it's amazing how they took us through the Seine river, Shakespeare and Co. bookshop, the Tuileries, and Celine's apartment, where they open what's inside the enigmatic French door.
  • Love Me If You Dare, 2003, directed by Yann Samuel. My favorite movie of Marion Cotillard and her real life husband. Ah. You just have to watch this French romcom!
  • Amours et Turbulences, 2013, directed by Alexandre Castagnetti. I've mentioned this movie so many times already in this blog, obviously a big favorite of mine!
  • 2 Days in Paris, 2007, directed by Julie Delpy. This is about two lovers, who after visiting Venice, goes to Paris for two days only to find out how much little they know each other. It's a great movie illustrating the differences of Parisian and American culture, which was truly funny to me.
    What you will see: Pere Lachaise and Jim Morrison's tomb, the marché, Parisian galleries and parties.

How do you prepare for a trip?
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